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MassEquality Event

Come to a MassEquality party at our office on Wednesday, April 25, 2007 at 5:30 pm.  We are hosting one of over 100 of these statewide gatherings to strengthen the grass roots effort to keep discrimination out of the Commonwealth's constitution and maintain economic and legal equality for all citizens.   It will be a night of food, fun, friends and action.
Many of you - our clients, colleagues, and friends - are part of or know of someone who is part of a married same-sex couple.  Now, the reality that marriage rights might be put to a popular vote is both disheartening and alarming.  By MassEquality estimates, we are only eight legislators -- and votes -- away from preventing this from happening.  We are taking action and asking that you help us do everything possible to help us defeat the constitutional amendment at this year's Constitutional Convention, which may come as early as May 9th!
This will be an action party so bring your cell phone and date book.  Although this event is not a fund-raiser, an anonymous person is matching, dollar-for-dollar, all funds raised at these MassEquality parties.  So, if you have been thinking about donating to MassEquality, this is a chance to double the impact of your donation!
Also, please invite friends, colleagues, clients, and neighbors that you feel would be good allies in our struggle to defeat the attack on fundamental rights guaranteed by our state's constitution.

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